Product quality is the top-of-mind awareness when customer decides to purchase. Knowing customer insight, at Coffee Hypermarket, we take great care to ensure that we provide high quality genuine products.

To achieve this target, our Merchandise Team tried to reach and cooperated progressively with strategic partners on the market. And that is why we have prepared this policy and applied a very strict quality control process.

1. Our professional team

Coffee Hypermarket always takes pride in our Merchandise Department with the comprehensive experience on the market. Our Purchasing team with profound knowledge always keeps up with the customer’s demand and builds strong stable relationship with strategic partners.

2. Our strategic partners

Strategic partners of Coffee Hypermarket always have the commitment to provide the genuine products with good quality to customer. We are confident to provide the prestige brands, products and models warranty in nationwide and international wide.

3. Stringent checking process

To provide the best quality – genuine products to customer, Coffee Hypermarket applies quality checking process stringently in selecting, receiving, maintaining and distributing products from providers.

We especially keep strict in checking process and discard the inappropriate products with company’s request.

The products matching the standard will be imported. They will be packed and maintained carefully. We will have the special process for the products to ensure that they are always in good conditions.

Before delivering products to customer, our teams always check the products carefully to make sure they will be matched to consumer’s demand.

4. Defective product

4.1 Our warranty:

- Products will be delivered in good conditions with correct quantity; and

- Products will have the newest instruction of the manufacturer in line with our published information.

4.2 Products should be used as the instruction of the producer or on the product information. Customer was advised to follow the instruction.

4.3 We promise to deliver the products in good conditions. However, if customer has any complaints, kindly help us to keep the product and contact to our Customer Service    Department. We will come and support as soon as possible.

4.4 To support customer when the product was defective, we encourage customer to advise some information such as:

- The details proved that the products was defective and broken; and

- Provide information about delivery tracking number and further information if required.

5. We absolutely have no responsibility for these cases:

- Customer used and maintained in the wrong way.

- Suspend in any accident or be harmful because of changing or editing with customer’s purpose.

- Be abraded because of customer’s usage after the delivery.

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